4 Huskies get Combine Invites

Looks like four (4) lucky Dawgs are going to the combine this year:

  1. Jermaine Kearse
  2. Seneo Kelemete
  3. Chris Polk
  4. Alameda Ta'amu.

Not bad seeing that the Dawgs had three (3) last year in Mason Foster, Jake Locker and Nate Williams. I guess you could draw all kinds of conclusions from this like, "we had more defensive players at the combine last year therefore the Mayan Calender is correct and the world will end this year ..." or something like that.

What I really like to see is that the Dawgs have more invites then last year. That is what we want to see, more kids on the team being seen as legitimate NFL prospects. Even though this was just one more player, continue this trend and in three (3) years it will be seven (7) guys.

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So how did the Dawgs do against the rest of the conference? Well, here's the numbers:

  1. Oregon: 7 players, Cliff Lee made this list ... I guess he'll be on parole during the combine.
  2. USC: 7 players, but this could have been higher if Matt Barkley declared
  3. ASU: 6 players, which makes ASU awesomely mediocre season look even worse
  4. Cal: 6 players, one of which was a punter
  5. Stanford: 6 players, but only one (1) plays defense
  6. Washington: 4 players, poor Mr. Richardson ...
  7. Arizona: 3 players, 2 of those three were Nick Foles and Juron Criner, big surprise ...
  8. Utah: 3 players, all of which played on either the OL or DL
  9. Colorado: 1 Player, OL Ryan Miller ... the Buffs are going to miss this guy
  10. OSU: 1 player, James Rodgers ... enough said
  11. UCLA: 1 player, TE Corey Harkey ... he must be a good blocker
  12. WSU: NOBODY ... don't worry, there's always next decade

I guess you can kinda see that the better teams get more kids into the NFL ... but wait! We already knew that. I guess the real reason I wanted to post this was because Wazzu had ZERO invites to the combine ... I feel better now.

Anyway, if the Dawgs go the way they went from last year to this year, i.e. one more invite to the combine, we will be sitting pretty in the conference standings, unless of course they are ASU, the penultimate underachievers. Good grief, somebody needs to pump some heart into that entire team. Maybe the new coach can do something about it ...

If you want a list of all the Pac-12 players who got invites, here's a link, and if you want a list for all the invites here's the other link.

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