2012 Diamond Dawgs Home Opener vs. Chickenhawks

Keep your eye on the ball - Eye! Ball! Eyeball!

Today, Tues. Wednesday 2/22/'12 5:00 PM Washington (2-1) vs. Seattle U (2-1), Husky Ballpark

gohuskies.com game stream

gohuskies.com gametracker - stats

Weather Forecast - I see some sunshine, hopefully posting this doesn't jinx us. If we play, it's gonna be a windy one...

Yes, I'm sure that title ruffles a few feathers, but ya are what ya are, and another name for a Red(tail)hawk is a "chickenhawk". That's a joke... I say, that's a joke, son. When you say chickenhawk and baseball, Foghorn Leghorn appears with a ball in his hand. Classic.

Purple & Gold vs. Red & Black (also SDSU colors) again, with Seattle bragging rights on the line. Sick 'em Dawgs...

The Redhawks had an up down affair over their opening weekend winning Fri. and splitting a double header Sunday. If Utah Valley of the mighty Great West Conference can put up 15 runs, evenly spread over 9 innings, in game 2 and rock the SU 'pen like they did in games 2 and 3, we should have roast bird just in time for dinner. The Redhawks are going to need to have an "A game" on the bump if they want to keep this contest close. More after the jump...

Some bullet hole notes / things to watch for:

  • SU committed 5 errors, 4 hit batters, 1 balk, 3 wild pitches and struck out 10 times

  • Were outscored 24-19 by Utah Valley for the series, 4-0 in the 9th inning

  • They hit .302 on 26 hits, with 4 doubles and 2 HR, 1 grand slam

  • Watch out for #5 OF Marcelino Morales (.667 4-6), # 13 1B Riley Tompkins (.571 4-7, 1 RBI), #27 OF Sean Narby (.455 5-11) and #10 OF Bryndon Ecklund (.375 3-8, 1 HR, 2 RBI) at the plate for SU

  • The Dawgs played 1 day and 2 night games, performing well with the bats in both temp's

  • SU played 3 day games, but shouldn't be bothered by the cold, later innings...

  • First of 3 game series this season between the two rivals, will be interesting to see how it plays out, weather permitting

I'll be here all game long. Go Dawgs!

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