Thank You

When John mentioned how the Steve Kelley article brought some hatemail out of the woodwork it got me thinking.

Rather than hating, I want to say thank you.

I want to say thank you - thank you to everyone who has helped contribute to this blog, thank you to everyone who has made the boards exciting and interesting.

Thank you to our fantastic managers for a ton of great content and keeping the blog running smoothly. Thanks for putting up with our fanaticism and for running my favorite Husky message board on the web.

Thank you to Kirkd and everyone else who has edited and provided fantastic analysis of recruiting and all the twists and turns over the last few weeks.

Thank you to Lear and others for excellent pieces on Husky stadium and critiques of the team and coaches throughout the season. Opposing opinions interacting and debating civilly and with a genuine interest in persuasion and facts are what help to make this blog so fantastic.

Thank you to all the contributers who have helped to bring so much great content to the blog and helped keep the fanbase informed and interested. You dedicate your time and it is trully appreciated. Thank you Gekko for consistent excellence and thank you Todd for the great contributions you make when you have the time.

Thank you to the many new faces who have stepped up and provided fantastic content of late - I for one am absolutely ecstatic to see all the great new content the UWDawgpound is providing - I know a lot of us basketball fans have been starved but CODawg and Ben Knibbe have provided a fantastic run of consistently well written and interesting content of late. Thank you.

Furthermore, thank you JLee for the awesome comics during the football season! I already can't wait to see the ones for next year (maybe you want to make some for spring ball as well!?) and they really were a great piece of weekly content to keep us all from getting to obsessed and help keep the fun around.

Finally, thank you to each and everyone of the posters for helping keep the content and discussion here fantastic and well versed!

Thank you.

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