2012 UW Baseball Roster: Pitchers p.2

Once again, a glaring lack of LHP's, and the only one is a 1st year JC Sophomore. On the other hand, you have to give the coaching staff credit for having a great balance of youth, experience and skill sets. The 6 Juniors representing the upperclassmen have tentatively been given verbal starting nods, either in the rotation or bullpen. Hopefully the upperclassmen can stay healthy enough this year to let the young arms develop at their own pace, and start earning innings when they are ready.

'12 Bullpen

*-1st Year

(Alphabetical): *LHP Jacob Coats, *RHP Tyler Davis, *RHP Jared Fisher, *RHP Dae Yang Kim, *RHP Keith Zuniga

*LHP Jacob Coats
'10 College of Idaho: 5-3 / 3.34 ERA / 72.2 IP / 69 H / 36 R / 27 ER / 30 BB / 39 K's

Jacob won two Idaho State Player of the Year Awards for his Senior campaign in '09, then proceeded to throw 72 innings in 13 starts for the College of Idaho en route to a NAIA World Series appearance in '10. A transfer to Everett CC ended before it started in '11 due to elbow surgery that is still healing and little off schedule. When your 6' 4" tall and 1 of 2 LHP on the team you get a roster spot in '12 and when he is ready, hopefully around the halfway point, the bullpen will be waiting with arms wide open for him.

*RHP Tyler Davis
'10 Archbishop Mitty(Cal): 13-4-1 / 1.06 ERA / 86 IP / 64 H / 24 R / 13 ER / 17 BB / 106 K's

When you play for a USA National Team, earn Louisville Slugger All-America and first-team all-state (Cal) accolades you have talent. His BB/K ratio good and ERA excellent, but he only averaged 4.7 IP/game. Think drag racer gas tank. In that time frame he racked up 106 K's in 86 IP over 18 games to avg. 6 K's /game, 1.23 K's /inning. If you can get your defense a guaranteed strike-out every inning, they just need a double play to retire side easily. With a better defense behind him, he can duplicate that formula into W's as long the offense is producing runs.

*RHP Jared Fisher
'11 Newport HS(Bellevue): 8-2 / 1.92 ERA / 51 IP / 36 H / 17 R / 14 ER / 23 BB / 64 K's

Drafted by the Astros in the 26th round, Fisher is another local product who excelled in the HS ranks and earned first-team all-state honors. 2 prospects that passed on the Cubs and Astros to play for UW... Smart moves. At 6' 4", 240 lbs. he has a build that suggests he can work more than 10 games at 5 IP /game. This is an eye test candidate regarding frame, fitness level and polish; pass and Fisher is our Ace -in-Waiting.

*RHP Dae Yang Kim
'11 Feather River College: 5-1, 1 SV / 2.44 ERA / 48 IP / 36 H / 14 R / 13 ER / 6 BB / 30 K's

Kim attended Feather River along with fellow HI native and Dawg Dayton Alexander. Being rated a top 100 JC prospect before he even started play last year, he affirmed that praise with a 1-5 BB / K ratio while only allowing 14 runs in almost 50 innings. He's also the tallest member of the staff at 6' 5", but only 188 lbs. Lets hope he channels his inner Big Unit or hits up a chicken farm next door to a Ranch in the Cascade foothills.

*RHP Keith Zuniga
'11 Pima CC(Ariz): 7-4 / 3.00 ERA / 87 IP / 85 H / 42 R / 29 ER / 29 BB / 67 K's

Played summer ball for the Bellingham Bells, but gonna have to dig a little to find more info on Zuniga. Comparing the R to ER, while factoring in 87 hits says he didn't have much of a defense behind him, but he still can't give that many free passes.

Middle Reliever: RHP Jeff Brigham, RHP Tyler Kane, RHP Aaron West, RHP Zach Wright

You can call this group of veterans the Purple Inning Eaters, and will probably spend more time in the ice tubs than anyone else on the staff with the way things look now. Brigham, West and Wright were covered in Part 1.

RHP Tyler Kane
'11 UW: 1-2, 1 SV / 5.05 ERA / 41 IP / 48 H / 24 R / 23 ER / 8 BB / 25 K's
'11 Mohawk Valley (N.Y.) DiamondDawgs: 1-1 / 1.93 ERA / 28 IP / 21 H / 8 R / 6 ER / 1 BB / 33 K's

Kane is the first player in the history of the DiamondDawgs franchise from UW, so no affiliation known of at this time; will be researched very soon. A 2A all-state team honoree in '10 out of Archbishop Murphy in Everett, he didn't start pitching in HS until his '09 Junior year. Leading the team in appearances last year and gaining experience most likely led to his great showing, with an ERA under 2, over the summer. One walk and 33 strikeouts in 28 IP shows he didn't lose command as the pitches added up over '11, so look to see him used frequently again.

Setup/ Closer: RHP Adam Cimber, *RHP Joshua Fredendall, *RHP Nick Palewicz, *RHP Steven Swift

RHP Adam Cimber
'11 UW: 4-5, 2 SV / 3.16 ERA / 37 IP / 39 H / 15 R / 13 ER / 9 BB / 26 K's
'11 Green Bay Bullfrogs(WI): 2-1, 9 SV / 0.52 ERA / 34.1 IP / 22 H / 4 R / 2 ER / 3 BB / 36 K's

Another 6' 4" tree on the mound; did the coaches delve into numerology? Speaking of numbers, finally some VIDEO!

Submarine sliders are deadly.

This is how they look from behind.

Coach Meggs wants to limit Cimber to 1 inning a game this year, believing his hits allowed during the regular season were inflated from continuing to pitch while gassed. Adam is the dean of the bullpen now and hopefully can thrive knowing he has help shouldering the load.

*RHP Joshua Fredendall
'11 San Mateo: 3-0 / 0.25 ERA / 36 IP / 14 H / 1 R / 1 ER / 18 BB / 33 K's

Joshua is the pure closer we desperately needed to tighten up the late innings, wherein games, and seasons, are won or lost. He absolutely dominated in '11 giving up 1(!) run all year over 36 innings. He throws a +2 seam, +slider and two change-ups he wanted to combine into one before PAC-12 play. Hey, that's what he said, and he's right about adding another 'out' pitch. Add a sinker and he can become dominant enough in the PAC-12 to get drafted.

*RHP Nick Palewicz
'09 Ballard HS: 1-3 / 2.36 ERA / 32.2 IP / 29 H / 14 R / 11 ER / 16 BB / 37 K's

Nick has been injured the last 2 years, but has come roaring back to really impress the Skipper by hitting 95-96 mph on the gun at times last summer, tops on the team so far. Using him in tandem with Swift is a death sentence to batter timing and could wreak havoc upon warn down opponents reaction times.

Weekday starters need to be starting caliber pitchers whose only weakness may be endurance. During a normal week you will have a day off Monday, Wed. and/or Thursday, thus giving your bullpen time to rest. Rare will be the weekend without three games. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday games, depending on the schedule, are the best days to use your back-ups in the 'pen and get guys some rehab innings.

You want your weekend starters to give you quality starts (at least 7 Innings Pitched per start) to keep the bullpen rested and sharp. Not being able to win both sides of a double-header and/or the weekend series over a team having a bad day because you ran out of gas on the mound can kill momentum and add to the loss column.

"We brought in a kid (Joshua Fredendall) from the college of San Mateo, who, while Swift lead the state of California at the junior college level, was second. Joshua was the leading closer for the College of San Mateo. Josh, in a perfect role, would fill the ninth inning, with Palewicz going in the seventh or the eighth. That we know is what we want to do at the end of the game."

-Skipper Lindsay Meggs

In a perfect world, that would be our weekend 8-9 punch following a solid 6-7 inning start and maybe an inning from Cimber and/or Swift. If Meggs' vision doesn't play out to plan we won't need to hit the panic button unless injuries, knock on wood, are the cause. This staff is akin to a puzzle without a box; we have the pieces and a general idea where they should fit yet lack a final picture. Time to pull a handful out of the bag and just get started.

How do you win in college sports? By boasting maximum talent that is replaced immediately once gone. When the cupboard is bare you can easily change the team philosophy. The question is how long will it take to restock talent that is suited for said philosophy. It didn't take the coaches long to realize raiding the California JC system was just the quick injection of mature talent they needed to get back in balance and close the cycle. With the amount of underclassmen we have, next year should see far less JC transfers, and more true Freshman coming into the fold.

Overall, we did what Div-1 talent should do by dominating summer league play. Now lets see how the position players fared.

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