Softball and Women's Basketball

This is just a quick summary of what happened last week.


The women's softball team had a pre-season tournament in Tempe over the weekend, and came out with the trophy.

Against Nebraska, the Dawgs won 4-0. Not only did Sophomore pitcher Kaitlin Ingelsby throw a two-hitter, but she also pounded a two-run homer in the first inning. Ingelsby subsequently drove in the third run in the third inning. This was also the collegiate debut of five (5) freshmen for the Dawgs.

The Huskies Beat San Jose State 9-4, and the starter for the Dawgs, sophomore Bryana Walker, gave up only two (2) hits in four (4) innings, with the Dawgs in command 5-0. The Huskies actually took a 9-0 lead in the fifth, and then gave up four runs in the final inning before closing the deal.

The Dawgs 8-runned Idaho State in 5 innings, winning 10-2. Bryana Walker started again, and Kaitlin Ingelsby finished up the game for the win.

Later that day, The Huskies played Northwestern, and Kaitlin Ingelsby got another start. She gave up her first two (2) runs of the season. The Dawgs rallied back and pulled off another easy victory, beating the Wildcats 10-3. Ingelsby also hit a solo homer in the fifth.

Against Texas State, the Dawgs had 14 hits, but it took a late game rally to beat Texas State. Bryana Walker got another start, and she gave up three (3) runs in four (4) innings. The Huskies were down 3-2 in the fifth, but then took a 6-3 lead. In the sixth, the Dawgs scored another six (6) points, and pulled of a 12-3 win.

basketball after the jump ...

The Women's basketball team split the series at home against the Oregon schools, a 72-69 victory over the Quackers, and and an 88-86 loss to the Beavers.

Against Oregon, Jazmine Davis led all scorers in the game with, leading all scorers. She was battling an illness, and was visibly wheezing at the end of the game, struggling for breath. In the second half, the Huskies were up by as much as 15 points, but the Duck were able to slowly take that lead down to three (3) point, 66-63 with 2:01 left to play. Forward, Mollie Williams, had a steal at the buzzer to secure the victory. The Husky D held the Ducks to 33% shooting from the field, and 22% from beyond the arc, and the Ducks shot a season high 40 treys. The Dawgs shot 45% from the field.

Against Oregon State, Jazmine Davis, still battling a chest cold, was able to put up 20 points. However, it wasn't enough as the Beavers were able to pull away in the last 3:18. The Beavers were able to extend the lead to nine (9) points with 44 seconds to go. Jazmine Davis was able to sink a couple of treys to get the Dawgs within three (3) points (76-73), with :08 to go, but that was as close as the Dawgs could get. The Beavers sunk two (2) subsequent free throws from a foul, and then the Dawgs turned the ball over on the ensuing in-bounds pass.

The Huskies are now in the bottom half of the Pac-12 at 13-10, 5-8 in Pac-12 play.

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