Huskies Top The Bears

He caught this. - Ezra Shaw

Here are a few of my instant reactions to the Huskies' win over the Cal Golden Bears.

If I could use three words to describe the game it would be these three: Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

There was a six play span with three turnovers. Two by Washington, one by Cal. This was... Ew. Ugly game deserves an ugly introduction. In the editor the intro has three lines, and two paragraphs. That is ugly looking. (Ugly counter, 6)

Ugly is sort of an ugly word. Looking at the word ugly and hearing the word ugly, I just think it is ugly. Okay, enough ugly. (Ugly counter, not counting within the counter: 12)

Keith Price needed to not be the reason the Huskies lost. He was able to (not?) do that. He had a fumble, and threw one interception. He very well could have been the reason they lost the game, but he wasn't, because they won. He needs to put two hands on the football when he scrambles. He also (didn't happen tonight) needs to hold on the the ball tightly when he runs. Usually that is a figure of speech, but not in this use. He sometimes has the ball in good position but it goes out anyways. Typically that is either strength or not gripping the ball tightly. I think it is both.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins is a true beast. Mike Salk tweeted that Kasen Williams is the best player on the Dawgs, then Seferian-Jenkins went off. He finished with a career-high in yards and a touchdown. He is a first-round NFL draft prospect so long as he stays healthy enough. He wasn't as healthy as he has been, but it doesn't matter. Despite a thick layer of ugly tape around his ankle, he grabbed two jump ball deep throws from Keith Price. Great player. Tonight I believe he tied the Husky record for receptions by a tight end in a season (previously held by Jerramy Stevens).

The defense had shining moments and bad moments. I only give them partial credit for all of the turnovers because Cal. John Timu and Danny Shelton each had multiple plays where they met the ballcarrier in the hole to stop them for minimal gain. The secondary was good, but not great. Missing Desmond Trufant definitely hurt (hamstring), hopefully he is okay.

Very little pass rush against a porous at best offensive line.

Bad third down defense. I see that enough on Sundays.

I feel for the Bears as they dealt with a crazy amount of injuries this game. Hopefully nobody was delivered a major injury. Things didn't look good for Zach Maynard when he was carted to the locker room after taking a hit in the knee that was reminiscent of Tom Brady's injury several years ago.

Editing this in: The Oline had their best game of the year, and Bishop Sankey did as well, aside from the fumbles. I don't know how I forgot to mention it!

Go Dawgs!

(Ugly counter finishes at 13)

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