Out with the old, in with the new!

You thought this fan post was going to be about Nick Holt didn't you? Sorry to disappoint you, but I thought it was time for some more pictures of Husky Stadium! If you can't get fired up about building a brand new, $250 million dollar stadium, on the most scenic piece of real estate in the Puget Sound . . . . . . you don't have a heartbeat.

Here's a pictorial tour of the ongoing events at Husky Stadium. I highly recommend you check out the Husky Stadium webcams for yourself at, which is where I collected all of the pictures below.

South Stands on the morning of December 20th:


South Stands on the afternoon of December 20th:


South Stands on December 27th:


South Stands on January 7th:


South Stands What use to be the South Stands as it appears today, January 11th. The only part of Husky Stadium left standing is the North Upper Deck and the scoreboard (which is the only thing left to be demolished).


The original side view of the South Stands:


The side view of the South Stands on December 27th:


The side view of the South Stands on January 7th:


The side view of the South Stands . . . . what use to be the South Stands:


Has construction on the new stadium begun? It sure looks like it in this next picture, which is of the west endzone. I'm amazed at how far they have dug down, if I am correct, it's about 40 feet down from the elevation of the concourse/street level to field level. The retaining wall they have built looks to be the exact same shape as the new stadium, which makes me wonder if the wall will remain in place and could turn into part of the buildings outer structure.

If you look closely, you can see that they have sprayed what is basically "quick-crete" on the two tier slope from the concourse/street area to field level. They have already poured a concrete foundation on the base of the right side of the upper slope, and it looks like they are also about to pour a foundation on the left side of the base of the upper slope and along the base of the lower slope. I'm guessing this will be part of the foundation of the future Football Facilities Building and West Endzone structure.

In the middle of the picture you can see another smaller, but deeper retaining wall that has been built. I'm guessing wondering if that will eventually be the location of the main elevator shaft for the building.


I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do, make sure you click on them to see the full resolution picture. My goal in posting these updates is to facilitate discussion on the construction in progress. I was raised in a construction family, but am by no means an expert, I'm "guess-timating" on what I see and would love to get more opinions (especially those with construction expertise) on the ongoing progress.

September 2013 can't come soon enough, GO DAWGS!!!

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