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Expecting a UW Breakout in 2014? Read this...


The Huskies look great on paper as 2014 approaches. Today, the UWDP looks at wildcards that could derail what looks like a promising season.

the Gekko Files: Stanford 2014 Preview


With a difficult schedule and position overhauls in the defensive front seven and the offensive line, the Stanford ride may be on the downside stretch. Or is it?

Sunday Best - Previewing Huskies in the NFL


SI has taken a look at Pac 12 players in the NFL and didn't think much of the Huskies currently in the league. We have our own take on that.

Analyzing Bill Connelly's UW Football Preview


Bill did a great job of previewing the Huskies in his countdown series -- we point out where he nailed it, a couple things he may have missed, and recap some high points.

Chris Petersen and UW's Hierarchy of Needs

With the cupboards well-stocked, Chris Petersen is in the enviable position to affect culture change in Washington's football program.

Better/Worse/Neutral: Defensive Line


The Husky defensive front returns experienced talent up front buttressed by a group of young could-be stars.

Hawks and Dawgs: Friends Born On the Gridiron


The Seahawks and Huskies enjoy one of the most unique proximal situations that fans of both the pro and college football games could ever hope for. How can these two entities take their it to the...

Top 10 Non Conference Games for the Pac-12


There are clearly some marquee games this year in Pac-12 non conference play. However, the further down the list you go, the more difficult it becomes to find relevant games, let alone rank them ...

the Gekko Files: Cal 2014 Preview


The happenings in Berkeley are no-longer "eyes only", but who wants to burn out their corneas examining this football team? The Gekko, that's who.

Pac-12 South, Non Conference Schedule Rankings


The South Division definitely has a stronger non conference schedule than the North Division. Heck, three of the teams don't even play against FCS teams this year.

Pac-12 North, Non-Conference Schedule Rankings


Argue with my rankings all you want, that's sort of the point ... but hey I had to pick some kind of arbitrary method of getting these rankings, and, for the most parts, these rankings are as...

UW's Offensive Line Strategy Shifts to a Zen State


UW's Offensive Line numbers are finally back to where Husky fans expect them to be. Accordingly, Chris Petersen's strategy for managing the OL unit can change to one focused on talent over numbers.

Vegas says Oregon will win the Pac-12


Online sportsbook lists Oregon as the clear cut favorite to win the Pac-12 in 2014. Washington is the sixth favorite with 14-1 odds.

the Gekko Files: Utah 2014 Preview


Next up in the Gekko Files: a look at the prospects of a Utah resurgence in 2014.

the Gekko Files 2014: Previewing Oregon State


The Gekko Files for 2014 are getting declassified. First up: Mike Riley's Oregon State squad.

UWDP Preseason Pac-12 Poll


We take our best shot at predicting what we think the conference will look like half a year from now. What could go wrong?

Better/Worse/Neutral: Special Teams


The Huskies lose their workhorse, who made just about everything a year ago, and add some experience to the position in the form of coaching.

2014: the Year of Kasen


If the Huskies are to make a surprise run at the P12 Championship, Kasen Williams is going to be their most crucial factor.

The Experts Chime in on UW Football


Annual college football previews are starting to roll in. What do the experts have to say about UW in the Pac 12?

UW's Latest Roster Analysis - 86 Schollies


We've updated the famous Scholarship Chart. Check out the UWDP's latest roster analysis.

Your "Off-Season" is his "On-season"


Larry Scott is riding shotgun on what has quietly been one of the most disruptive off seasons in recent NCAA history.

The Strategy Behind Composing Washington's Defense


There are many ways a coach can construct a defense. How did Justin Wilcox construct his, what is Pete Kwiatkowski being handed, and is he following the same path?

Chris Petersen and Early Expectations


Even with the losses of three very key offensive weapons and the prospects of largely rebuilding the secondary, the number of returning players on the roster plus the hiring of Chris Petersen as...

Getting UW Back to the Rose Bowl

The Huskies aren't there yet, but the ability to make a Rose Bowl run isn't too far from a reality. How will the Huskies get over the proverbial hump and give their fans a chance to return to...

Wanna Get Rich? Gekko's $$$ Husky Stock Picks


If the Huskies were an equities market, which player stocks would you be buying and selling right now? The Gekko knows.


Featured FanPost: Five Position Groups on the Rise

In 2013 the Huskies were finally able to scratch the seven-win itch. Yes, gone were the early-season super opponents like LSU, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and the toughest schedule in the country. They...

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