Monday Morning Wash - Michael Young

The University of Washington will officially announce that Michael Young previously from the University of Utah will success Mark Emmert as President of the University of Washington. Young has been the reported front runner for quite some time and he was the only name that leaked out to the press during the entire hiring process.

Young has been president of the University of Utah for the past seven years and he is a direct descendant of Brigham Young who just happened to be one of the founders of the Mormon faith. Young is described as a conservative, devout Mormon, and a man who follows his own personal moral compass.

Young is an impressive individual who has done extremely well at every stop during his academic career. He led the University of Utah during an impressive period of growth and arrives fully prepared according to the regents to lead the University of Washington over the next five to ten years.

Saturday's Scrimmage

The Huskies scrimmaged on Saturday and the offensive looked much better than it did the week before. The standout on the day was Keith Price who turned in a good performance at quarterback. Price was 15-23 for 161 yards, two TD's, and no turnovers.

Sark commented after practice that Price showed good presence in the pocket and used his feet to make plays when he had to. He also mentioned that Nick Montana (13-19 for 86 and 0ne TD) also had a good day but it is pretty obvious to observers at this point that if Washington was playing tomorrow Price would be the starter.

The scrimmage was held at Memorial Stadium at the Seattle Center. Since Husky Stadium will not be available next spring Sark wanted to try out an alternative venue that could be used to host the spring game.

While the offense did better the defense still had a positive presence racking up at least six sacks on the afternoon. The Husky defense of course has been aided by changes at quarterback and on the offensive line but the feeling I am getting from those who watch practice everyday is that the "D" could end up being one of the better units in the Pac 12 in 2011.

Huskies row past Cal

Washington beat California for the fifth straight year as the Husky varsity eight rowed away from the Bears by nearly three seconds, 5:34.95 to 5:37.61 on the 2,000-meter Montlake Cut course. Racing in front of thousands of fans who lined along the Cut and the Montlake Bridge, the Huskies never trailed their archrivals, pulling away from Cal around the 1,000-meter mark.

Washington and Cal are rated #1 and #2 in the nation. The Huskies and the Bears will meet a couple more times this season. Expect the last strokes of the collegiate crew racing season to be a neck and neck sprint between these two crews back East at the IRA.

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