Tuesday Practice Summary

I don't know how I got so lucky, but it was a GORGEOUS day to watch the Huskies practice! I'm one of those guys who grew up watching Husky football with my dad, who grew up watching Husky football with his dad. Luckily, we both had some free time today, so after a BIG lunch at the Maltby Cafe, we headed down to Husky Stadium for some fun. Here's what I can remember:

QB's - What else did you think I'd lead with? Both Nick and Keith had their ups and downs through out practice. Nick started off a little rough, but seemed to improve as the day went on. Keith looked pretty good, although he did make a few bad passes. As far as arm strength, they seemed pretty darn even, but Keith seemed to be throwing a tighter spiral that was more consistently accurate than Nick. It was somewhat funny, Nick would have a bad pass, then make a bunch of good passes. Keith would make a bunch of good passes, then have a bad one. Either way, Keith definitely had the edge today, his passes are more consistent, with a very nice tight spiral.

Offensive Line - The first words out of my dads mouth, "they aren't as big as Stanford's linemen" (we were unfortunate witnesses to Stanford's massacre of the Dawgs in the pouring down rain last year). I too, was hoping to see more improvement from the "look test", but you have to remember most of them are only freshmen and sophomores. We spent a lot of time watching Dan Cozzetto putting them through drills and I came away very impressed. They were spending a lot of time on the fundamentals, first step, second step, length of the first step, pad height, back level, helmet level, hand position, it was great to see. Kohler and Porter are pretty big guys for soon to be sophomores. Riva performed well but looked a little thin for a starter. Tanigawa and Atoe definitely look the part, could be a fun line to watch in another year or two.

WR's - I came a way really impressed by Kevin Smith. The kid is pretty thick for a wide receiver and still performs quite well. I definitely see it as Kearse, Aguilar, and Smith as the main three (unless Kasen proves more worthy in fall).

TE's - Hartvigson and ASJ look pretty good, I was skeptical that we could go from nobody at TE, to a position with a lot of potential, but they definitely look the part.

Defense - Ta'amu is a beast, and the defensive ends look AWESOME. I can't single out any of them, because they all looked great and FAST. It's great to have a position with a lot of quality talent! Sean Parker looks like he'll fill Nate Williams shoes quite well (might add some speed to those shoes too). Parker looks the part and was flying to the ball. Trufant seems to be getting back to his old form, he had a beautiful pick. Price just over threw K. Smith, it hit his fingers spun in the air and Trufant made a great catch on the "rebound". 

Special teams - Is it just me, or does Keil Rasp and Eric Folk look pretty stocky for kickers and punters?

Overall, I like what I saw from the defense, they looked pretty darn good. Unfortunately, I think this season is going to be determined by the play of the offensive line and they got owned by the d-line. The o-line looks like they have a ton of potential, but we lack experience. 

Feel free to ask question, you might be able to jog my memory on something. By the way, that reminds me, Scott Woodward is short!


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