Husky Stadium Construction Update

My name is Lear Pilot, and I am addicted to the Husky Stadium Construction webcams. Here's a direct link:

Now that I have that out of the way, it's been a few weeks since my last stadium update, so I thought I'd post another update on the Stadium's construction progress. I'll start with the pictures I posted last time and then add the webcam pictures from this morning to show the amount of progress that they've made in only three weeks. Don't forget to click on the picture to see the full size picture.

Camera #1 - The first picture was taken on November 21st, the second picture was taken this morning December 10th. The most obvious change is the lower bowl has been completely removed. Only the upper portion of the lower bowl, the covered portion of the lower bowl remains. I'll bet those will have to stay until the entire upper deck is dismantled. This week they fenced off the entire South structure, if you look closely at the second picture in the upper right hand corner, you'll see people working under the roof, probably preparing to start taking the roof off. I was reading somewhere that the plan is to peel the roof off and then to remove the steel supports.



Camera #2 - Again the first picture was taken on November 21st, the second was this morning December 10th. This is where the action is! The entire west structure has been removed and they are now excavating for the football facilities building and the west endzone seat that will be part of the same structure. In the second picture you can see that they have put in steel i-beams that will be the anchor and outer edge of the new football facilities building. If you look through the history on the webcams, you can see the huge auger used to drill the holes for the i-beams, they are sunk pretty far down into the ground! It looks like they are starting to put wood beams in between the steel i-beams, probably the first actual portion of what will become the new Husky Stadium.

It's been truly amazing to see them work, the amount of earth being moved in such a short time is pretty impressive!



This last picture was posted on the Husky Stadium Facebook page. There aren't any cameras pointed at the North structure of the stadium, I though this was a great view showing the missing lower bowl. All that remains is the Don James Center and the Upper Deck.


I hope you guys enjoy this visual tour of the construction, as I noted above, I'm highly addicted to the construction webcams. Let me know if these updates are worth while. If everybody else is following the progress as closely as I am, then these post are no more than me talking for the sake of hearing my own voice. If you think these updates are worth while, how often would you like to see an update? Once a month? Twice a month?

UPDATE: Today they have started demolishing the ramps to the South Upper Deck. Here's a picture showing how much of the west ramp they demolished today.


September 2013 can't come soon enough, GO DAWGS!!!

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