A Little Pick Me Up - Dawg Style

I've read a few comments that we need are in need of some positive article these days. What better way to take our mind off the last few loses, than to talk about the progress being made at Husky Stadium

Am I the only Husky fan that is already addicted to the Husky Stadium Web Cams?? They have become a regular part of my morning sports websites routine. A little background might help, I come from a family of construction workers, both my dad and uncle ran their own construction companies for decades. My brother and cousins still work in construction, I on the other hand didn't want to be breaking my back in this cold November weather on a job site!  As a kid, I would often get to spend summer days on the job "helping" my dad build foundations. Nothing was better than watching them pour concrete. 

I am by no means a construction expert, but I thought it would be fun to post a few pictures and point out some of the changes going on at Husky Stadium. If you click on the pictures, you should be able to see a higher resolution picture.

I highly recommend you check out the web cams for yourself at or if you want to jump straight to the web cams . They really are remarkable, they update every ten minutes or so and you can go back and look at any picture from any date and time. The have a great zoom feature and I highly recommend the overlay mode.

Camera 1: The Before Picture, taken Wednesday November 9th. You can see them taking out the playing surface (suppose to be reused on campus) and you can see the piles of bleachers on the upper west endzone sections.


Camera 1: The Current Picture, taken yesterday (when there wasn't water on the camera). The field is gone, the track is gone, all lower deck bleachers and almost all upper deck bleachers are gone. It looks like they have dug a drainage area in the field. I'm not positive on this, but with the pipes running around it and the stadium trench needing to be taken out, the water has to go somewhere. I am a bit surprise that the goal post are still in place, could it be that they are being used as a reference point for the construction teams? 


Camera 3 - The before picture, taken Tuesday November 8th. The west endzone stands, the track is starting to be taken out and they were removing the bleachers from the upper sections.


Camera #3 - The current picture, taken this morning November 21st. The majority of the upper sections have been completely demolished and they just started taking out the concrete in the lower sections. My understanding is that their first priority is to remove the entire west structure so they can start on the football facilities building that will be part of the stadium. There has been a lot of progress in the last few days in this area and I expect it will be the active area for the next few weeks.


September 2013 can't come soon enough, GO DAWGS.

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