Blame Nick Holt - Week 12


Nick Holt is keeping his players guessing, waiting for the right moment to spring into attack, throwing the unsuspecting student athlete to the top of the south side bleachers.

First, I want to give a shout out to the D for doing a respectable job when the offense, for the second consecutive week, failed to stay out on the field for even a reasonable amount of time ... that being said, i could've gone for a couple more stops on third and something, instead of bone-headed penalties, or blown coverages. Now for the numbers.


1 - The total number of QB sacks Washington had.

3 - Total number of tackles-for-loss the Huskies had, including sacks.

5 - The total number of times USC punted.

5 - The number of drives in which the Quackers produced a score of some sort. (4 touchdowns, 1 fieldgoals). Actually, there was another score, but that was from the kickoff return for a touchdown ... so that one doesn't count as a drive.

6.3 - USC's yards per rush. (This is actually almost an entire YARD more per rush than what Oregon put up on us).

6.4 - USC's yards per pass.

40 - USC's point total.

47 - USC's 3rd down conversion percentage. (3 for 11)

104 - The number of yards the Husky D held the Trojan O below its season, per game, passing average.

86 - The number of yards the Husky D allowed the Trojan O, above its season, per game, rushing average.

19 - The number of yards the Husky D held the Oregon O below its season average.

599 -The number of times I wished I could turn off the tube but couldn't.

more after the jump ...

What is there to say? Well, the defense could have been much worse. They did a great job keeping the score reasonable ... what are you supposed to do with those 9 points you couldn't control. The first quarter started off very promising, with 2 punts in 3 drives. We haven't done that yet this year in the first quarter ... not even against Colorado (though our offense was actually moving the ball that game, an only allowed the Buffs to have 2 drives in the first quarter ...)

There were plenty of times that the D held its own in the run game, forcing a reasonable amount of no gains, or short gains. The problem, and sadly the D has be very consistent in this area this year, is on third downs. I don't know what the problem is, really. We have trouble guarding potential passing targets when the play actually matters ... against good teams. Why can't we just cut off the routs that are run 1-5 yards past the 1st down marker? Who knows!

I know the defense is young, but those bone-headed penalties need to stop too. A personal foul on a third and long is a bad thing ... if you want to throw somebody on the ground, then you should do it in bounds ... good grief.

All that being said, the defense did what it needed to, against a potent offense, to keep the score reasonable, and allow our offense to make a game out of it. Unfortunately, our offense has been forgetting to come to the stadium.

Here's to a solid day in Corvallis, where both the O and the D decide to show up, and we beat OSU in a complete clown stomping! ... the likes of which we haven't seen since that wonderful clown stomping against California in 2009.

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