Something In Common

I thought that finding something UW has with each of its opponents would be a fun way to look forward to game day, though I have no clue how.

This week, the University of Colorado.

Finding something similar about the two schools was really hard to do, at least harder than I thought. So, this week I am going to go out on a limb, and make a real stretch. Both school are great at inventin' stuff.

The Colonoscopy has met its match. Enter, the GI Crawler. (In case you were wondering what GI stands for, it does not mean "Government Issue." No, it means gastrointestinal, or your Colon.) This is one mean piece of Machinery. When it comes to "utility," this bad boy has it all. Talk about a workhorse, this little gizmo can work its way up and down your intestines my using a remote control. If you get too squeamish, don't worry. There is no possible way this can be any more uncomfortable than an actual colonoscopy.

In fact, the GI Crawler is so cool, send video images, biopsy tissue, excise polyps and even perform surgical procedures such as gall-bladder removal, get this, with "minimum discomfort." An assistant Professor at CU-Boulder said "The idea is to have surgery at 8 a.m. and be on the golf course by 2 p.m." How cool is that. The best part, this thing is taken ORALLY.

Don't you worry Husky fans, we are equally good inventors.

The Bionic Contact Lens. That's right, a smart phone in your eye. Recently tested on rabbits, this little hummer has LEDs, electircal wiring, and an antennae. If you thought that GI crawler was cool, check this thing out. It has the capability to project images onto your windshield, so only you could see it, google maps (the ultimate, portable GPS). That's just the beginning though. Because of the little antennae, you can pick up internet signal, and surf the web on a virtual screen suspended in midair! (No freaking way!!!)

This lens isn't out yet, but as soon as the engineers figure out how to make the thing work without 2 AAA batteries attached to the side of your dome, as well as how to mitigate irritation by fellow commuters on the bus, because the guy next to him is playing Tekken 4, and keeps getting punched in the gut, this bionic contact lens will be a hit!

See UW, and CU, we have so much in common. We have both created ridiculously tiny, yet enormously useful, if not necessarily affordable. May health insurance will cover this stuff.

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