Our Favorite Coach

Since we got to see a history lesson on the stadium in Colorado, I thought I would look up a little bit of history on UW's, and CU's favorite coach: Rick Neuheisel (hereafter referred to as "Weasel"). Specifically, his celebrated tenure at Boulder. That's right Colorado, we have something in common: the same "least-favorite" coach (though TW is probably pretty dang high on a lot of Dawg hit-lists).

*Updated: If you don't hate him the most Dawg fans, put him in the top three.

1994: Weasel moved to Colorado, after being an assistant at UCLA for a number of years, to be Bill McCartney's assistant. By the way, McCartney was only Colorado's winningest (this is a word...I hear it all the time) coach in its history. McCartney retired following the 1994 season (I wonder why) and Weasel, was named the head coach. Weasel's best season was his first season (sound familiar Dawg fans???), though he stayed at Colorado for four years. His worst season was the year the Buffs were supposed to be national title contenders (1997), but they ended up having a losing season...Actually, after that season, the Buffs were forced to forfeit their five wins due to an ineligible player.

After Weasel left Colorado in January of 1999, his legacy continued to bless the Buffs for years to come.

Feb. 3, 1999: Reports surface on national letter-of-intent signing day that Weasel is being investigated for improper visits to five recruits. It later is revealed that Weasel also made improper contact with several of his former Colorado players, in an attempt to get them to transfer to the University of Washington.

April 11, 2002: Colorado officials confirm the school has been accused by the NCAA of a lack of institutional control and multiple minor violations during time Weasel was coach.

Oct. 8, 2002: NCAA completes investigation into Weasel's tenure at Colorado and prohibits him from off-campus recruiting through May 31, 2003, as a penalty for his part in more than 50 minor violations (54 total allegations, 51 from when Weasel was coach). The NCAA then proceeded to place the Buffs on probation for 2 YEARS, reduced their scholarships from 25 to 20, and then restricted off-campus recruiting by coaches from 7 coaches to 6. If you want a laundry list of everything Weasel was accused of, read the link above, and this one.

Jan 9, 2003: Just to spit in your face, Buffs fans, just under a year following the NCAA's investigation into Weasel's questionable coaching tactics, Weasel was censured by the American Football Coaches Association after its board found he had shown a lack of remorse for his role in the Colorado violations. WHAT THE??? Seriously? As if getting your previous school punished for violating recruiting standards, you get a slap on the wrist because you don't care that you did the wrong thing?

Truly, Weasel, you have a legacy that will never die.

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