Sweet Victory

I have been a DAWG fan my whole life, at least I think I have. I remember listening to the Huskies romp opponents since I was old enough to remember...I loved listening to Bob Rondeau, an loving his voice so much, would mute the television and turn up the radio. (I did this when we had a pro basketball team too with Kevin Callabro.)

Then I went to college, at BYU. Yes, I'm Mormon. My problem with BYU, is that a lot of Mormon's think it's God's team? I hated the way people thought that if you weren't a BYU fan, you couldn't really be a good Mormon. I bled purple, and there was no way I would cheer for BYU, especially when they played the Huskies.

I had an interesting dichotomy growing up. My dad liked the Huskies, and he liked BYU. The rule in the house was, cheer for both teams, unless the Huskies and the Cougars (BYU) would play, then...KILL THE COUGARS.

I have always had a problem with Utah/Mormon sports fans. As a devout person (at least I think I am), I made it a practice to never do things on other words, I would watch it on TV instead of going the game on Sunday.

Jump back to 1996. The Sonics were in game 7 against the Jazz, a game that, interestingly, came up on a Sunday, in Utah. I can remember my dad commenting, "I wonder how many Mormons are skipping church to see this game? I never found out the number, but boy was I JAZZED when the Sonics opened up a can and sent the Jazz home, crying, along with all the Mormons who went to the game.


My hatred for Utah fans grew in 2008 when BYU came to town, a game we should have won...I guess destiny had other plans. By this time I had transferred to the UW to finish my degree.

Following the loss, at church the next day, there were BYU fans visiting. Inevitably talk of why people from Utah were visiting us. We found out they weren't visiting family. Rather, in the words of one of the men, "We came to see God's team play." He said it jokingly, but my hatred for Utah fans was sealed. There absolutely no way that God has a football team, and if he did, IT WOULDN'T BE BYU!!! That is, unless God doesn't care about winning...

So, this past weekend was a worldwide meeting for all the church. From 5-7 was a meeting for the men. The Utah game started at 4, and was over before this meeting. Being the good Mormon I am, I checked the score before the meeting, and then turned my phone off. Afterwards, I turned the phone back on, to find out there was a solid walloping of the Utes. I was ecstatic, but it was more than just the fact that the UW won. UW beat all those crappy Utah fans!

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