Adam Pittser ESPN recruit diary.

Per this article that I came across today (more after the jump):

09/03/10 - After an impressive showing at the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp this past summer, Richmond -Burton (Richmond, Ill.) quarterback Adam Pittser has emerged as a Division I prospect. As Pittser approaches his college decision, the senior agreed to give readers a peek into the recruiting process with a diary every Friday, as told to ESPN RISE’s Brandon Parker.

By Adam Pittser

With Sept. 1 being the first day that coaches could start contacting players, I got a lot of phone calls toward the end of the day. The schools I already had offers from (Ball State, Central Michigan, Illinois State and Western Michigan) talked more about themselves and what my chances would be of playing early if I chose them. The other schools like Wisconsin and Washington were more so updating me on their games coming up as well as how things were looking with other guys they were recruiting and how that might affect me.

Obviously, I’ve gotten a lot more press since Elite 11, which was great, and that experience really made me reconsider everything. I’m definitely confident that I can make it at a Division I program and it’s been great to have bigger schools like Wisconsin and Washington come into the picture.

Honestly, though, everything that happened at Elite 11 hasn’t really changed the way things are in the small town that I’m from in Illinois. My friends know about it and the people who really follow football talk about it some, but except for that, it’s just like a normal football year.

I don’t really worry about all that media attention. I just love playing football and couldn’t wait for my senior season to start. I know there’s a little bit more pressure to perform after Elite 11, but I’m just going to play like I always do, work hard, have fun and take on my responsibility as a senior leader.

We started off the season great with a 34-8 win (on Aug. 27) against Oregon (Oregon, Ill.), which was the same team that beat us in the playoffs two years ago. We looked really good and with us only returning five starters, it was a great sign that our inexperience hopefully won’t get in the way of us being successful this year. I went 3-for-6 and scored two touchdowns, one rushing and one passing, before I came out of the game.

At this point, I really can’t say that I have a top list of schools because Washington and Wisconsin haven’t officially offered me yet, and like I said, I’m just reconsidering everything going forward. I was born in Wisconsin, so I’ve always liked watching that team, and Washington kind of speaks for itself with a guy like Jake Locker at quarterback. Ball State and Western Michigan have been good to talk with and offered me early. I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking official visits to those four schools, although I’m not sure if I’ll get up to Washington.

At this point, it’s a four-way tie with all those schools, but I’m looking forward to the process and hopefully a great senior season on the field.

Editor's note: Top four schools so far are Ball State, Washington, Western Michigan, Wisconsin.

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