Vs. Nebraska: The Jake Locker Chronicle - Part 2




Those who complain about the coaching staff not rolling out Locker should stop. Locker ran a designed run to the left, and a designed roll out to the left on this drive. On the roll out to the left, while his decision-making was on par, but his sense of anticipation left something to be desired. If this one play is an indication, I think the coaching staff has a reason for not rolling out Locker the majority of the time, even if he is extremely dangerous on the move.

After Locker's pass to Aguilar was intercepted, Nebraska dolled out two straight 24-yard plays, which resulted in a TD. Adi Kunalic then boomed out a kickoff that easily went 80 yards. Touchback.

Huskies get the ball at the 20.

1st and 10, UW 20-yard line.

Huskies break the huddle with a two-TE, spread formation. Three WR's are on the right, and Polk is lined up wide left. Kohler is lined up at LG on this play. 

Nebraska is in Dime formation, but with 3 safeties.

Locker motions Polk inside, and the ball is snapped while Polk is still in motion. Polk runs an end-around to Locker, and Locker fakes the handoff. He takes off left on a designed run, pacing himself with the speed of his blockers. Kohler and Schaefer, both of whom disengaged from the line and wheeled around left, who are his primary blockers successfully position themselves for blocks. Kohler gets his man, but the CB that Schaefer found himself with, Alfonzo Dennard, slithers by him. Locker gets to the corner after trying to cut inside, but Dennard successfully cuts off Locker's corner. Locker decides to run out of bounds. 2-yard loss.


2nd and 12, UW 18-yard line.

Huskies break with 4-WR spread, shotgun formation. There are two WR's wide left, two WR's to the right with one only 3 yards to the right of the O-line, and another WR wide right. Aguilar, who is lined up as a halfback offset to Locker's right is motioned to the right slot. Huskies now have five WR's lined up.

Nebraska is in Dime formation again.

Motioning Aguilar accomplished one thing: It told Locker that Nebraska playing man defense.

Ball gets snapped. Locker three-steps. It's another timing play. 

Schaefer and Kohler dominate, but Habben immediately loses his man -- and this is putting it kindly, as the DE abuses Habben with a simple fake to the left and effortlessly strides to his right. Locker, recognizing the pressure, leans back slightly as the DE is nearly within reach of him and fires to Aguilar , who ran a three-yard out against press coverage with an impressive inside jab-step before moving out. The jab-step doesn't lose his man, but it creates enough separation for Aguilar to receive the ball. Credit again goes out to Nebraska's DB's. They are difficult to get open against.

Locker's pass hits Aguilar right in his hands and right in his stride, and Aguilar is tackled after gaining around 6 more yards. Aguilar's reception in reality netted close to nine total yards on the play, but the officials are humongously generous in spotting the ball a little more than a yard from where Aguilar was downed, bringing up 3rd and 2 and crediting Aguilar with a 10-yard reception.

Locker displayed superb athleticism on his pass and an uncanny sense of anticipation.


3rd and 2, UW 28-yard line.

Huskies are in 3-WR, 1 HB, and 1 TE strongside to the right in shotgun formation. There are two WR's on the left, with one in the slot, and the other one wide. Aguilar is the slot and Kearse is wide. A lone WR is on the right.  Nebraska is in 4-2-5, and playing man defense.

Ball is snapped. Locker rolls out left. The O-line washes and pulls out left. Kearse runs a sort of slant and fade for about 12 yards, doesn't get open, while Aguilar runs a 3-yard out. Hagg, Nebraska's "Peso" back, is on Aguilar.

Aguilar uses quick fake stutter steps for 3 yards before breaking on his out route and he gets open almost instantly. He is open enough that he has time to slow down before reaching the sideline. Locker fires to Aguilar too late because the by the time the ball reaches Aguilar near the sideline, Hagg was able to recover the distance between himself and Aguilar and deflect the pass comfortably.

It is not clear if Locker targeted Kearse first, but what is clear is that he took too long in firing the ball to Aguilar. Locker should have hit Aguilar right after he made his break, which Locker had a clear shot of doing, thanks to Aguilar's impressive route running. Locker scores good on his decision-making and accuracy; firing to Aguilar was the right decision, but scores poorly in timing when to throw the ball.

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