Nebraska at Washington Discussion Thread

Hey guys, all of Husker Nation has been suffering through the first two weeks of this season as we played a couple of patsies that didn't really tell us much about ourselves.  Consequently, we've all been looking ahead to our game this coming Saturday out in Seattle, and I thought it would be fun to set up a discussion thread, especially because I doubt either fan base knows much about the 2010 version of the team they're about to face. Some of my thoughts on Nebraska after the jump.

Nebraska is 2-0 with 49-10 and 38-17 victories over Western Kentucky and Idaho.

On offense, the Huskers have looked explosive, but inconsistent and sloppy through their first two games.  Each outing, the Huskers piled up around 500 yards of total offense while only taking about 50 snaps each game.  This is one thing that concerns Husker fans.  Obviously, our offense, wasn't very good last year, but looked good at this stage in the season, and also we still don't have a great feel for what our offense is supposed to look like because we've been scoring too quickly to be exposed to many normal situations, like 3rd down.

The Idaho game in particular drove fans nuts.  We moved the ball at will (around 9 yards per play), but fumbled 8 times, threw a pick, and racked up around 150 yards in penalties.  We really should've beaten Idaho by around 50 instead of 21.

One last hope/concern is our new quarterback.  Taylor Martinez is a redshirt freshman, and has never played on the road before.  He's very talented, and is a legitimate home run threat whenever he touches the ball.  However, he's still a freshman and is prone to freshman mistakes.

Game plan advice: Key in on Martinez.  Take away the Husker run as much as possible, and make Martinez throw.  He's only thrown around 30 passes so far this year and has no TD's and 1 int.  He's completing around 60% of his passes, but I think that's the best way to stop the Huskers and force mistakes.

On defense, our front 7 has been good, and our back 4 have been superb.  Over the first two games, the Blackshirts have sacked opposing qb's 9 times (once against WKU, 8 times against Idaho), picked off 6 passes (one against WKU, 5 against Idaho) and have been very effective when the outcome of the game was still in question.

A couple areas of concern: our front seven has let very mediocre teams have decent running days against the Huskers, with WKU averaging around 4.5 and Idaho around 4 yards per carry.  This line misses Suh, no doubt about it.  Second, is our lack of focus at times.  Our defense has been great early in the game, but has lost its fire once we got out ahead by 3-4 touchdowns.  That doesn't hurt against Western Kentucky, but it could against a team with a dangerous offense.

Game plan advice: Get the running game going.  As of right now, run defense is the weakness of the Blackshirts, and our secondary is one of the 2-3 best in the nation.  I realize that Locker is a very good quarterback, but take my word on this: if he is throwing on every down, Washington will lose. Get the running game going, achieve a balanced attack, and you should be able to move the ball.

I think that's all I've got.  Any thoughts from UW fans?

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