The 2010 Husky Football Season as seen from 45,000'



This is your Captain speaking, and if you can't tell, you'll be able to tell shortly, it's been a slow day at work. So, what better thing to do than write about Husky football (don't worry, I'll stick to my day job, there's a reason I fly planes and am not a writer). Here's a quick look at what I see as strengths and weaknesses, and how I think the season will turn out (not that my opinion matters).




The Good: Jake Locker, Chris Polk, Jermaine Kearse, Devin Aguilar, James Johnson, and D'Andre Goodwin  (the healthy version), not a bad cast at all. If you don't like points, you better become a Cougar fan before the season starts!


The Bad: We're pretty thin at TE, not a huge concern, but here's to Chris Izbicki's health.


The Ugly: I can't even bring myself to say it, but God help us if Nick Montana or Keith Price are needed this year. (For the slow Duck fans: This has NOTHING to do with Nick or Keith)




The Good: I think we have a pretty good set of starters at all positions. I expect Ta'amu, Elisara, Foster, Dennison, Williams and Trufant to have very good seasons.


The Bad: Depth -  I expect our defense to be above average this season, just as long as we don't lose any of the players listed above.


The Ugly: Vanilla play calling. I’m not sold on Nick Holt's play calling, yet. I'm not saying he won't be a great coach, but his play calling last year left a lot to be desired. Here's hoping he's confident enough in his "bullets" to actually FIRE (Blitz) a few of them this time around.




I think Sark is off to a great start and our future looks awfully "Rosy". I, of all people, was not pleased when they hired a coordinator with no head coaching experience. I'm glad to say, it sure looks like I was wrong!


I expect us to go 8-4 this season, that being said, I'll be happy with 7-5, but not with 6-6.  If the defense steps up and plays well, I wouldn't even rule out a trip to Pasadena.


Other random predictions:


Player of the Year: Jake Locker (big surprise, I know)

Offensive Player of the Year: Chris Polk (other than Jake)

Defensive Player of the Year: Mason Foster (yep, I'm being original, I know)

Offensive Surprise of the Year: D'Andre Goodwin - Jake likes him, just needs to stay healthy.

Defensive Surprise of the Year: Everette Thompson - Very talented, overlooked due to his past injury.

Freshmen of the Year: Will Shamburger (RS) - Can't wait to see this kid in a live game.

Inspirational Player of the Year: Greg Christine - Gotta love a hard working walk on who earned a scholarship. He'll see plenty of playing time.

The very last Pac-10 Coach of the Year: Steve Sarkisian (yes, a homer pick).


GO DAWGS!!!!!!

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