Isaiah wants to play Kentucky—do you agree?

So this morning, in the aftermath of the Jones-to-Kentucky announcement, Isaiah Thomas had an interesting series of tweets.  All sic'd, of course.

I hope we play KENTUCKY nxt yr n the Maui classic. All I gotta say is ITS BOUT TO GO DOWN (@KevinHart4real voice) A BARK over a meow ne day

At this point, Thomas's tweet gets retweeted by some Kentucky media sources and tons of negative messages start getting sent to Isaiah.  No point in reposting them here, but they pretty much run the gamut from simple trash talk about UW's chances in such a game to attacking Isaiah's character to claiming that everyone at Kentucky will play in the NBA while Isaiah will be a no one after he leaves UW.  There are a few positive messages from Kentucky fans, but they're few and far between.  Then Isaiah posts a few responses.

Ha Im not mad. There no reason I should be mad. I respect Tjones n the wildcats. I jus want 2 play them so please people who hatin fall back

Haha Kentucky fans why are yall all following me??? Ima DAWG I ain't no wildcat so please unfollow me BIG BLUE NATION LMAO

Hahaha I'm lovin this...  Y'all using that Kentucky durby money to get recruits. Can't knock the HUSTLE lol. Good ish BIG BLUE NATION LOl

That jus sounds so weird to me. who wants to be BIG and BLUE? Like the avatar? Or the blue dudes that use to be n those commercials lol??

I'm jus messin wit yall man.. I could care less about Kentucky lol. Do what yall do. Yall gettin butt hurt over there 4 no reason. Relllaaax

To be honest BIG BLUE NATION I really don't think ur coach is coming back!! #ImJustSayin... My coach is here 4 10 more YRS hahaha yessssss

Things are still going as I write this so check his feed if you want more I guess.

So... what do you guys think?  Was it right for Isaiah to go public with this?  And, on a related note, do you guys hope to play Kentucky in the Maui Invitational?

Personally, and although I often shake my head at how some of our athletes handle Twitter and other appearances in the public discourse, I'm siding with Isaiah here.  As someone who has lamented what I see as unambitious non-conference scheduling over the past few years, it's great to see one of our stars wanting to play the best and beat the best.  What I don't like about the whole exchange is that Isaiah feels the need to trash "Big Blue Nation", and Kentucky in general (I'm totally in support of the "I respect Tjones n the wildcats" tweet but from there it starts to get ugly).  I don't see why Isaiah even wants to read the tweets he gets sometimes, let alone respond to them.

You can probably also ascertain from the above that I very much hope we do play Kentucky.  I'm of the opinion that even though that game would probably result in a loss, the risk is low (a loss to Kentucky isn't going to look that bad come selection time) and the reward is high (a win would more or less seal a bid assuming the rest of the season isn't a complete disaster and could really help with seeding).  Plus in these pre-season tournaments you never really know what will happen—an upset would be a distinct possibility.

Last but not least, anyone know how the scheduling for this tournament works?  I'm sure the organizers realize that a UW-UK game would get some added media interest, but does that necessarily mean they'd put us against each other?  Would each team have to survive a few rounds first?

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