Scrimmage today...

The format was #1 O vs #1 D, and #2 O vs #2 D.

For the starting D, the tackles were Duncan and Elisara, and Mathews and Crichton were at end.  I don't think Elisara took a single snap at end today.  Fellner didn't play, so Glenn got the start at safety.  All the other starters were the same as they've been pretty much all spring, except that Dan Kanzogowski started at right tackle.

The star of the defense was the secondary as a unit.  They pressed well when they were in man, they did a very good job of passing off receivers from the underneath coverage to the deep guys in zone, they closed very quickly on the short stuff, and they tackled well.  Boyles in particular was really good with the 1's.  He completely shut James Johnson down for long stretches.  Johnson could barely get off the line.  Other than one TD pass to Kearse on a seam route in front of Williams, the secondary did an excellent job of shutting down the passing game.   Locker was forced to check down or throw the ball away on probably half his passes.

Cooper was impressive.  He's just so smooth.  It's tough to tell how fast he's actually running.  As a defender, you don't know if he's in 3rd gear and looking to make a cut, or in 5th gear and about to run around you.  He started with the 2's (and had a 25 or so yard TD on the first or second series).  He had one really long TD with the 1's (50 yards or so), and was a shoe lace tackle away from breaking at least two more.

This wasn't Locker's best day.  He didn't look particularly sharp.  None of the QB's did.  Montana especially struggled with his accuracy all day.  I'm a lot more worried about the play of the backups than that of Locker; I was really hoping to see at least one of those two guys have a good day.  Price had a few completions at the end, but they were mostly when the 3's were rotating in on D. 

Semisi Tokalohi and Chris Robinson completely disrupted the 2's offense all day.  They were in the backfield nearly every play.  That's a negative statement about the UW's o-line depth and a positive one about the d-line's depth, I guess. 

Good two-minute drill for the ones to get into field goal position, and Folk nailed a pretty long one into the wind.

Barnett had a decent day with the 2's catching the ball, but he's just too small to be a viable tight end right now.  He was lined up as an H-back or in the slot most of the time.  Polk had a couple of drops in his first significant action of the spring.  Bronson had a bad day.  Probably 5 carries for zero yards, and a bad drop of a pitch on a toss sweep play. 

The #1 linebackers were solid.  Logan had a couple of nice blitzes, and looks pretty good in coverage.  For the 2's, Burnett did a good job of stepping up and filling, but he got knocked back a few times trying to take on a ballcarrier.  Good position, but he needs to get bigger and stronger.  I'm sure he will.  Matt Houston was active.  He played really fast today.  So did Jordan Wallace.

Lots of blitzing.  Lots of press coverage.  Much more of both than we saw last year (although this was just a spring scrimmage, I know).

Most of the units were "solid," except the #1 secondary.  There weren't any obvious busted assignments, there weren't many penalties (although one killed a big run by Fogerson), and there was only one turnover.  The effort was pretty good.  This team is obviously better than they were a year ago at this time.

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