Saturday Practice/Scrimmage Report

I just got home from Husky Stadium, not a bad day to watch practice, the wind was a little chilly, but not bad for early April. Overall I'd guess there were 1,000-2,000 people watching practice, no celebrity sightings this time, but unless it was Joe Montana or former Huskies I'd probably be clueless anyway. Here's what I saw, hopefully it's helpful:

QB's - Locker looks great, his accuracy was very good, definitely looks the part of a top tier quarterback. Price looks good for a RS freshmen, but I'm a little concerned about his accuracy, hopefully he was just having an off day. Montana has poise/presence/attitude beyond his years, but he definitely looks thin compared to Locker and Price. During drills he'd be off on a throw, then try the exact same pass again and would make a perfect throw. He also looked very good during the scrimmage, good command of the offense, and would consistently make good plays. My take on the backup QB battle: Price better work on his accuracy, because Montana isn't going to give him much room for error.

RB's - Fogerson seemed to be the first string RB, didn't do anything noteworthy during the scrimmage, but he did lose a fumble during the earlier portion of practice. Callier and Cooper both looked like the real deal, Fogerson better work his tail off, these two will be right on his heels. Cooper had a great run, broke a few tackles and took it 50 yards for a touchdown. Callier also had some very nice runs, one in which he juked a few defenders out of their shoes. He reminds me of a young Louis Rankin, you'll be screaming at him to run up field and hit somebody on one play, but the next time he'll juke a guy out of his socks and take it the distances!

FB/TE - Marlion Barnett (#18) had several nice catches, not sure if he was lining up at TE or H-Back, but he was definitely getting open and making the plays. Saw a lot of Middleton and Izbicki, both looked pretty normal, not great, but not bad either. 

WR - Aguilar had a few very nice catches, Polk was back in action and had a few very nice hook ups with Montana. Luther Leonard also had a real nice grab going down to the turf to catch a ball.

OL - Pretty standard, Kelemete, Tolar, Schaefer, Ikehara and Fancher were running with the first team, and looked pretty solid. Kelemete got beat pretty good once, but it was Elisara who was looking like he was transitioning quite well to DE. The backups were Armelin, Wood, Christine, Schugert, and I think the right tackle was #63 Kanczugowski, but don't hold me to it. 

DL - Starters were Crichton, Ta'amu, Duncan and Elisara. Tyrone Duncan had a great play during the earlier part of practice, he blew through a blocker and got to the RB pretty deep in the backfield which got the crowd to make some noise.

LB - Foster, Dennison and Logan got the "start", but Logan and Burnett seemed to share snaps pretty evenly. Logan seemed to make a few nice plays, I think he even had a sack or two.

DB - I saw a lot of Richardson, McDowell, and Boyles, I don't recall seeing much of Adam Long, but I could have just missed him. McDowell made a great play, he went up, got some very good air and picked off a Jake Locker pass deep in the endzone. Boyles also seemed to have a few nice plays too, although the one that stands out the most was better for Montana. Boyles was creeping up and in for a corner blitz, Montana read the play and made a quick pass to Leonard right were Boyles normally would be. 

Overall the team looks pretty sharp for this early in spring practice, definitely light years ahead of last season. The offense is going to be a lot of fun to watch, there should be a few nervous veterans, because the young guys look like the real deal. Defense had a few nice plays, but was a step behind the offense. That being said, it looks like a few guys are stepping up to the plate, with time and hard work they can turn into a solid unit.

On a personal note, I took my two year old to practice (she's a big football and Husky fan already). We were standing on the edge of the west endzone watching 7 on 7 drills, the guy next to me had two young daughters who were more concerned with eating than watching football. After Devin Aguilar made a great leaping catch for a TD within a few yards of us, Coach Sark came over and said with a smile, "I'll feel a little better if I stand in front of you guys for this next play, it's probably coming this way." It was fun to see the head coach showing his parental instincts, even during a busy practice.

I can't wait for fall, bring on BYU, and GO DAWGS!!! 

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