Gekko's Junk Drawer

I won't do this every week, but I feel compelled to clear out the Junk Drawer after week #1.

... Notre Dame:  I know it was the Wolfpack, but I still disagree with JB's assessment.  I think they looked even stronger than I expected and their air attack looks like it is finally clicking.  They have two top rate WRs and a QB that looks like he is ready to bust out.  Against our secondary, this could spell trouble.  If the Irish can keep Clausen upright, they might really challenge the polls

... WSU:  I watched the game and I can't really tell if WSU has progressed.  After giving up the early lead, I saw Stanford go real conservative on the gameplan.  I didn't see anything to lead me to believe that anything has changed from last season.

... Oregon:  While they may definitely be getting pulled to the middle of the Pac, I'm not buying them ending up as a cellar dwellar.  They still have a lot of talent in those cupboards.

... Charleston Southern:  really, Florida, really?  Charleston Southern?  You should be fined for scheduling them.

... Oregon State:  ditto.

... Tennessee:  John Chavis - is he Tenn's loss and LSU's gain, or the other way around?

...  LGB:  I haven't seen a haymaker like that since I knocked out Glass Joe in Nintendo Knockout in 1987.

... Masoli:  How about his imitation of Mr. Roboto on that interception?  Loved it.

... BYU:  Sure Bradford being out made a difference.  Still, you would expect a program like Oklahoma to just reload.  BYU earned serious respect in Week 1.

... Duke & Virginia:  no comment

... USC:  the worst thing possible happened to Trojan nation on Saturday - Barkley definitively locked himself in as "the man" against an unworthy opponent.  Carroll never changes quarterbacks once the season starts (forget all of that bogus "every week competition" talk when it comes to QBs) and we all have to wonder how far a true freshman QB can take a team in the Pac 10.

... UW surprise:  was I the only one surprised to see as much of the spread offense as we saw against LSU?

... Ole Miss:  #8?  I'm not buying it.  Another example of why pre-season polling should be banned.

... Colorado:  Will they ever be relevant again? 

... Miami vs Florida State:  it wasn't that long ago that this game was Must-See-TV.  Now, I wonder if it will outdraw John Cena, Degeneration X, and Vince McMahon

... Dez Bryant:  ... for the Heisman.  Why not?  he's ridiculous

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