If I Was a Betting Man: Week 3


I like football.  A lot.  That said, I'll be the first to admit that it takes $50 to get me to care about the outcome of the Northeast Arkansas State Tech. vs. Southeastern Mississippi State at Mobile (NEAST vs. SEMSUM to the hardcore) game.  Here's a guide, so you too can get a grip of cash this weekend, while actually enjoying mid-major football.  Or get drunk, your choice.

 The verdict is after the jump. 

Disclaimer:  I am not a professional handicapper, I am merely a college football fan who happens to gamble.  This is a weekly fanpost that I'll be trying to get out on Monday or Tuesday after most of the lines open for the weekends games.  If you take my advice and place a bet, please don't come knocking on my door asking for your money back.  I'll be long since passed out.  Odds are that I also lost my money and drank copious amounts of beer to ease the pain. 


Week 2 didn't treat me so well, so I'll be coming to you live from the dumpster behind the Bothell Starbucks this week.  Week 3 is the last week of generally widespread non conference games and squash matches and the week where teams really start to settle in to that conference schedule groove.  On the surface there are some games that are tough to get a read on.  That said, there are a few games that could pay off in a big way.


The Locks:

Tennessee @ Florida (Florida by 25):  Only 1 lock this week as the "Lane Train" comes chugging into the swamp to face Urban Meyer and the Gators.  The back story is well publicized, Kiffin opens his mouth and Meyer stays mostly quiet and composed.  Now we get to see the conclusion to the story as Meyer treats Kiffin much the way Al Davis did en route to a HUGE victory.  Tim Tebow has 1300 all purpose yards and 11 TD's.  Florida 104 Tennesse 7.


The Likely:

Boise State @ Fresno State (BSU by 10):  Kellen Moore looks like the real deal as a college QB, and the Boise St. Defense looks like a group that could play a lot of SEC teams pretty tough.  Fresno is a scrappy team, and nobody should ever count Pat Hill out of any game.  I just see a comfortable Boise win, en route to an undefeated season and a BCS berth.  Boise State 42 Fresno State 24.

Northwestern @ Syracuse (Northwestern by 4.5):  Northwestern has complied a 2-0 record beating up the sisters of the poor.  By beating up I mean squeaking out a 27-24 win over the perrenial BCS busting Eastern Michigan Eagles.  Syracuse on the other hand played a decent Minnesota team tough, and wasn't as embarrassed against Penn State as one would think.  With the home crowd behind them, I think they show everyone that Northwestern will always be the real sisters of the poor.  Syracuse 24 Northwestern 23.

Last week:  Straight up 4-1 (UCLA wrecked the perfect record).  Against the spread 1-4.


Stay tuned next week when we find out if I have to take out a second mortgate to fund this column or wether I'll be able to pull out a winning week.

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