Hospitality: Thanks from a Duck fan.

Hey all,

You know me. In the week or two leading up to the game I was making good with you and trying to breathe fairness and humble behavior in light of our intense rivalry. I think the thread and according banter was some of the most fun and enjoyable we've had with a fellow fanbase in a while. I mean, yeah, I hate you all with the fiery passion of a thousand suns... but that's neither here nor there. 

So, last Sunday or so my mom asked me if we wanted to head up to the game. I was totally down for it, and we made the decision around Wednesday of last week to head up to Seattle. I hadn't been to Husky Stadium, but I'd heard your guys' various anecdotes and factoids about its loudness, intensity, and beautiful setting.

Well, I'll give it the beautiful setting. 

So you guys aren't bound to like hearing this, and you're sure to take umbrage at it, but Husky Stadium is not as loud as Autzen Stadium. I say this with the least asshole-ishness possible. I expected way more from the noise of Husky Stadium. It just wasn't loud, not even when the Huskies were by most accounts totally controlling the game in the first quarter. I think it has to do with the architecture. Husky Stadium is much more massive and spread-out of a structure, and I think the open East-end of the stadium (which is every bit as awesome as it's been talked up to be) is the reason sound may escape from the stadium so easily. This is just me. Any architecture major is more than welcome to correct me if need be.

I took the bus from South Kirkland P&R at around an hour before gametime. I was with my mom, dad, and best friend. Three people in green and yellow (and white, being on the road and all), among about 70 people in purple. The stares were attracted, but I loved it. I was feeling very confident and was rather loudly discussing the Weasel, winless seasons, and what in the world a prevent defense looks like. I was grinning like hell. One would think the football gods would zap me down right then, but I made it to Montlake soon enough and the fire was somewhat more comforting than the frying pan. It was a beautiful, chilly college football morning and the hot dog stands were open on the avenue. I liked the atmosphere from the get-go, be proud of that as fans.

This isn't to say I got in without taking some flack. Some homeless guy asking for tickets started woofing at me. I said "prevent defense" and walked away. I then attracted some James Gandolfini macho man saying "Nice jersey, douchebag", etc. I was wearing a number 28 Dixon-era jersey. I asked him if he knew who this player was. He said it didn't matter because we were going down today. That's a great retort because oh wait it's a crappy retort. I told him it was Jonathan Stewart, and that two years ago he ran for 253 yards on his team. He mumbled something about those being our only yards that game. I informed him we tallied 465 yards rushing that day. He asked me where the wings were on the jersey, and because I'm cheap I haven't ponied up to buy a new Masoli-era jersey yet. I told him quite innocently that they were too expensive and I'd likely buy one later in the year. He reminded me I looked like a douchebag. The conversation was effectively bookended with this. 'Grats to him, whoever he was.

Aside from all that, I was treated like a fellow Pac-10 fan by the fans at Husky Stadium yesterday. That was awesome, and I thank you for that. I intended on getting home without something spilled on me by some a-hole, and this hope was satisfied by the end of the day. I even had some alright conversations with nearby Husky fans in the Oregon section -- which I'm sure was absolute torture to be considering the circumstances. It nearly made me feel bad about the game at hand seeing their faces... nearly! Only nearly.

I'll mostly skip the whole main event of the game -- I don't need to rub that in. You guys are great sports about it and I think you guys should feel good about yourselves as fans for how you've stood tall for your team after what was by all accounts a massive letdown for your team and fans at the stadium. Make no mistake -- I was having the time of my life. It was like a fanfest for Oregon fans there in the endzone seating. But, no less, I enjoyed making conversation and imparting encouragement to Husky fans at the games who seemed to be holding the proverbial x-acto knives to their wrists.

That's about it. I had a great time. It was a great day in Seattle. I just got home from a six-hour drive back down, but it was certainly all worth it. 

Take it easy, Dawg Pound.


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